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Alaskan and Ugandan Youth Talk COVID-19, Culture and Connection

See Stories is launching a conversation series between a group of 7 See Stories Interns in Alaska and 7 Youth in the West Nile region of Uganda, both of whom are in "hunker down" mode and experiencing the same pandemic from opposite sides of the globe, and from opposite time zones. Both the Alaskan (hailing from Kodiak to Denali Park) and Ugandan participants are developing questions to spark conversations, and once a week will talk for an hour over Zoom for the month of May. They will explore their stories, common experiences, and process what it's like to live through this historic time. Throughout this project, generously funded by the Alaska Community Foundation's "International Understanding" Grant, Alaskan students will create podcasts, blogposts, and other media products to document conversations and stories.

Leading this project from Arua, Uganda is Gospine Gertrude pictured above on the left. Gospine has worked with See Stories' Director Marie Acemah on various projects for 7 years, and as a business woman and as a steward of her community, she brings tremendous thoughtfulness, heart, and skill to the project.

If you are interested in getting involved, supporting, or learning more about this project, you can email Thanks again to the Alaska Community Foundation for making this project possible!

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