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Meet our *New* Story Educator

See Stories is proud to welcome *TWO* new members to the See Stories team! We will be featuring our newest members here on website and on our socials. First up, is our new Culturally Responsive Story Educator!

My name is Limala'u Kaneyo Hirata. I am Pacific Islander and Asian and identify as Samoan and Japanese. I am the culturally responsive story educator for See Stories. I am excited to work alongside like minded individuals who value knowledge and education. Folks who are passionate about student success and helping them to reach their fullest potential. This is my story...

Scroll through the slideshow below to find out more about Kaneyo!

We are so excited to have Kaneyo join the See Stories team! She has already been making wonderful connections with students and educators in our partner schools in Anchorage. We can't wait for more meaningful connections and stories to come as we kick off our fall programs! Kaneyo will be implementing podcasting programs in the Anchorage area. We are so excited to welcome her and Seth to the See Stories team! Follow us on our socials to stay updated on our programs in Anchorage and beyond or subscribe to our newsletter.

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