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Ron wrote a poem. Denise sang it. Prepare to cry.

Ron, a See Stories' student through our International Understanding: Culture and Connection in a Time of COVID-19, was inspired after writing letters back and forth with his penpal, Fred, and holding weekly conversations with peers in Northern Uganda. In Ron's words: "We are facing lockdowns, quarantine orders, cancelations, postponements, and death. On the brighter side, my See Stories virtual exchange with youth in Uganda has made me realize that we should never let the virus stop our motivation or desire to connect. As my penpal Fred composed that made me feel special, 'I will finish my school and buy myself a cellphone so that we can chat on Facebook.' My experience in this workshop is indescribable. I have felt delighted getting to know peers from Alaska and especially peers from Uganda." Mid-way through the class he spontaneously wrote a poem, with seven stanzas, and seven syllables per line. Denise, Ron's classmate, put his poem to music, singing both alto and soprano. You can listen below.

A big thank you to the Alaska Community Foundation for generously supporting this project through the Alaska International Understanding Grant.

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